Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Unveiled at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 | All you need to know


Today on 14th Jan at 8.00 pm, Samsung hosted its Galaxy Unpacked Event at around 8.30 pm. For the whole summary of the event, check out our full summary of the Galaxy Unpacked 2021. Amongst the many devices launched here, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is what we are gonna talk about in this article.

We would keep it precise and to-the point.

Design of the Galaxy Buds Pro

So the Galaxy Buds Pro are bean-shaped, truly wireless earbuds, which come with a small carrying/charging case. As you can see in the following image of the Galaxy Buds Pro, the earbuds, are really compact, and are designed to fit our ears, perfectly. This time Samsung calls its Galaxy Buds to be space-efficient. They also have 2mm air-vents, for air-flow and balancing pressure.

The galaxy buds pro are also said to be IPX7 water resistant.

Galaxy Buds Pro

Features of the Galaxy Buds Pro

Now, let’s talk about what features it offers. Firstly the Galaxy Buds Pro comes with Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation. What that means in the real-world is that it automatically adjusts the sound levels to the ambient sound around you, and also detects what you are doing from your head-movements, thanks to intelligent motion tracking.

For example, if you are listening to your music, and suddenly you start talking to someone, then the audio levels will automatically be adjusted, and once you are done talking, you again continue to listen to your music. This whole transition will be seamless, as per claims from Samsung.

The ANC is expected to be 99% efficient is reducing noise.

 The Buds Pro also features a system in package, which uses a separate woofer and tweeter making it a 2-way speaker. Galaxy Buds Pro gives you an immersive 360-degree audio experience.

Samsung now has 3 mics on it’s Galaxy Buds Pro, to improve the Call Quality greatly. The most annoying thing while on a call is wind noise. But now that’s sorted as Galaxy Buds have a so-called wind chamber, coupled with an intelligent algorithm to filter out the wind noise and make your calls clearer than ever before.

The Galaxy buds Pro also recognises your usage patterns, and adjusts the audio based on what you are hearing. Whether it’s a podcast, or some rock music.

Lastly, there’s a new feature called Auto-Switch which enables the user to seamlessly switch between devices, without removing the galaxy buds. For example, you are watching a movie on your tablet, and you get a call on your phone, then you can recieve the call, and your galaxy buds pro can detect automatically.

Samsung has also integrated the Smart things Find feature, with the Galaxy Buds Pro, which lets you find your buds if they are misplaced.

Galaxy Buds Pro
Galaxy Buds Pro Summary

Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy Buds Pro is available in the following colors as you can see in the image. It starts at 199$ and will be available from January 15th, 2021. The Indian pricing is not yet revealed at the time of writing this article. We expect it to have a price tag of Rs 12k-15k.

Galaxy Buds Pro Colours

Read the Full Event Summary here

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