Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ launched at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event 2021 | All you need to know


Today on 14th Jan at 8.00 pm, Samsung hosted its Galaxy Unpacked Event at around 8.30 pm. For the whole summary of the event, check out our full summary of the Galaxy Unpacked 2021. Amongst the many devices launched here, Samsung Galaxy Smart Tags is what we are gonna talk about in this article.

We would keep it precise and to-the point.

Galaxy Smart tags

Two Types of Smart-tags are launched today.

The cheaper one is the ‘Galaxy SmartTag’, and it uses Bluetooth. The ‘Galaxy SmartTag+’, which is the superior one, gets the ultra wideband (UWB) technology.

Samsung, give us the general idea that the Galaxy SmartTag will be ideal for you want not to forget your stuff as you’ll get notified when you stray away too far (lose Bluetooth connection). Also, it is capable of sending Bluetooth signals to nearby Galaxy devices as well. But Smart Tags + on the other hand is a beast when it comes to the range and connectivity.

This SmartTag is not limited by Bluetooth range, as it supports ultra-wideband technology. There are not too many details on how it works, but surely it helps in the range department as per Samsung claims.

Both Tags come with end-end encryption, and also you can ring up the tags if needed.

Pricing and Availability

Galaxy Smart tags

The Galaxy SmartTag starts at 29.99$ and around 39.99$ for the SmartTag +

The Indian pricing and availability is unknown as of now.

Read the Full Event Summary here

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