Russia launches World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine

Russia has developed a vaccine providing “immunity” towards the coronavirus, President Vladimir Putin introduced Tuesday. Moscow has dubbed its new coronavirus vaccine “Sputnik V” after the Soviet satellite, the head of the nation’s sovereign wealth fund stated. 

Currently, there are around 160 vaccine candidates around the World, but only 27 of them have reached the Human trails stage. While nobody knows when this pandemic would actually end, Russia suddenly launched it’s first Coronavirus Vaccine on Tuesday and is the World’s first country to do so.

President Vladimir Putin also announced that one of her Daughters has received a dose of this Vaccine, and hence she has also “took part in the Experiment”. Putin mentioned that “She was feeling unwell, with a high number of Antibodies”.

COVID-19 Vaccine

The vaccine candidate was developed by Russia’s Gamaleya National Research Centre and Russian Defence Ministry and was registered on August 11th, 2020, making Russia the first country to register a vaccine to battle the novel Coronavirus.

Kirill Dmitriyev, The Head of Russia‘s Direct Investment Fund, who funded the project also stated that Phase 3 would start from Wednesday, and Mass Production may start from as early as September. He also added that other countries have shown a “Considerable amount of interest in the Vaccine”, and more than 20 countries have already ordered more than 1 billion doses.

Russia’s vaccine candidate is an adenovirus-based viral vector vaccine which is combined with the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to induce an immune response in the body. While this Vaccine has been given a go-ahead by Russia, other experts are certainly doubting this Fast Track approach.

It should also be noted that WHO has asked Russia to follow the established Protocols and Guidelines, to ensure a safe and effective Coronavirus Vaccine.

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