PS5 Pricing LEAKED!

Here’s how much the PS5 can cost!

Microsoft and Sony have released most of the information about their consoles, including the design, specs, and the games, but the pricing remains unknown. Many have been speculating about what the prices can be, but there hasn’t been any official word about it yet.

According to most people, the prices should be around $400 $500. If we go by the French retailer Carrefour, these speculations are correct. Carrefour is one of the biggest French retailers, and it briefly launched the PS5 for preorder before it was taken down. 

According to Carrefour, the regular was priced at €399 ( approximately 35000 INR) whereas the digital edition PS5 was around €499 (Approximately 44000 INR).

In USD, it comes out to be $470 for the digital version and $587 for the one with the disk drive. At around $600 the PS5 is going to be the most expensive PlayStation console in history.

But just changing the currency is not truly indicative of the price in the US because it includes several variables like Value-added tax and a lot more.

Take this leak with a grain of salt, but the leak was from a big retailer in France, and Carrefour was swift to remove the preorder indicates the pricing might be accurate. 

This is the best leak of the PS5 pricing so far. Still, we don’t you anything about the price of the PS5 accessories like the PS5 controller, headphones, and controller charging station.

As the PS5 launch comes, closer more leaks will emerge and shed some more light on the details of the PS5 and the accessories.

Stay tuned for more PS5 and Xbox Series X news.

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