Oppo watch vs Samsung Galaxy Active 2 |Which one should you buy?


A smartwatch in many ways is essential and useful such that it can eliminate the possibility of checking your phone from time to time. It’s not just a watch, it’s a fitness tracker that measures your health status that a regular watch cannot.

So, when you have to choose, there are a varied range of reasons to look for before buying the one you want. This time, for comparison, we have the Oppo Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Active 2.

So here’s the comparison of Oppo Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Active 2

Oppo watch

The Oppo watch with its two variants (41mm and 46mm) was launched in India in August 2020. It originally launched in China in March of the same year and is ideal for unisex with its curved design, variety of colors, and a plethora of features found in a smartwatch.

Oppo watch

Samsung Galaxy Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2 is a watch developed by Samsung Electronics, runs on the Tizen Operating system, and was launched in India on 23rd December 2019. You can choose its own design between stainless steel and lightweight aluminum with a variety of straps.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2

So, when you have to choose, there are a varied range of reasons to look for before buying the one you want.

Operating System

The Oppo watch runs on Android-based Wear OS while the Samsung galaxy Active 2 runs on Tizen OS. In this scenario, the Android interface on the Oppo Watch is our first preference, because it should get more frequent updates compared to the Tizen OS on Samsung Galaxy Active 2. Moreover, the app support should also be better on the Android-based Wear OS. One thing to note is that Oppo has its own skin over the Wear OS, so don’t expect a fully native experience.

The Tizen OS, like the Wear OS, does get the basics right. So ultimately it boils down to personal preference, as in which Ui do you prefer. But apart from the Ui aspect, the Wear OS does have the upper hand.


The Oppo watch is lightweight with a range of colours and a curved rectangular design with two buttons on the right, one for summoning Google Assistant, other for performing functions and using it as a power button. The left button is a speaker. The strap is made of fluoro rubber and the heart sensor dome is made of ceramic. It is waterproof and has an AMOLED display with a 1.6-inch screen. However, there are no replacements and the design happens to be proprietary. It has to be charged through a USB.

The Galaxy active 2 weighs around 40 gms and has a bezel design that allows you to scroll through menus on the edges of the screen. This has an AMOLED display with a 1.4 inches screen and can be seen outside with brightness to the maximum. This comes with a bigger strap and a wireless charger. It is waterproof and has a greater density PPI than the Oppo watch. It also has wireless charging support.

If you want more options for straps, wireless charging, and a smaller display with higher pixel density, Samsung should be your pick.

Features and Performance

Both the watches have a step tracker, heart rate monitor, calories burned tracker, sleep, quality trackers. Both of them have GPS, Bluetooth versions (Oppo has version 4.2, BLE, Samsung has version 5.0). They also have light sensors, a gyro meter, an accelerometer, and NFC.

The step tracker of the Oppo watch isn’t completely accurate and you might have issues with notifications and calls, but it is great for casual users with its accurate heart monitor, calorie burn tracker.

The Active 2 has an audio coach and can detect various exercises like running, cycling, swimming, etc.

Oppo watch has additional features like call dial option, call receive option, music option and notification alert, navigation. If you want more features, you should opt for the Oppo watch but if you prefer more exercise tracking options, go for Samsung.


The Oppo watch has 1GB RAM with 8GB internal storage while the Samsung Galaxy active 2 has 1.5 GB RAM and 4GB internal storage.


The Oppo has 300 mAH battery capacity while the Samsung Galaxy active 2 has 340 mAH battery capacity. So, the Samsung watch has higher credibility but also depends on the level of usage and the workout you are doing.


Oppo Watch | Rs. 14990 (41mm)/ Rs. 17990 (46mm)

Galaxy Active 2 | Rs. 20900 (Black)/ Rs. 21900 (Gold)/Rs. 18000 (Silver)

Final Verdict

The Oppo watch is for casual users with a slightly tighter budget with loads of features. It has a touch screen with all necessary fitness trackers but is proprietary in design and not wireless.

Samsung on the other hand has more exercise tracking options with slightly better accuracy and has more strap options with wireless charging but does not contain features like calls, email, music, or notifications.

So to conclude, if you are ok with the Tizen OS, and you do want a premium product with a better brand value, then Samsung Galaxy Active 2, is the way to go. But, if you are tight on budget, and you wanna still have a great smartwatch, then the Oppo Watch is a really good buy for you.

Oppo watch vs Galaxy Active 2 | Comparison Chart

Here is a table for you to understand better if you are having doubts regarding which watch to buy and need a comparison chart to explore your options more thoroughly:

 Oppo watchGalaxy Active 2
PriceRs. 14990 (41mm)/ Rs. 17990 (46mm)Rs. 20900 (Black)/ Rs. 21900 (Gold)/Rs. 18000 (Silver)
Dimensions41.45 x 36.37 x 11.4 mm44 x 44 x 10.9 mm
ColoursSilver Matte, Elegant black, Pink Gold, GoldSilver, Black, Gold
Weight29 gms42gms
DesignRectangular and curvedCurved
DisplayAmoled, 1.6 inchAmoled, 1.4 inch
Screen protectionCorning gorilla glass
Operating systemAndroidTizen
Hardware1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage1.5 GB, 4GB internal storage
CompatibilityAndroid 6.0Android 5, iOS
Battery300 mAh (14 days)340 mAh
ChargingVia USBWireless
Touch screenYesNo
Pixel density318 ppi364 ppi
Screen resolution360 x 360 pixels360 x 360 pixels
Sim cardeSIMeSIM, Single Sim
Activity trackerStep tracker, heart rate, calories burned tracker, sleep quality.Step tracker, heart rate, calories burned tracker, sleep quality, hours slept.
SensorsLight, accelerometer, gyrometer, A-GPSLight, accelerometer, gyrometer, Glonass GPS.
Water resistance5 ATMIP 68
Spec Score 7980
Oppo watch vs Galaxy Active 2

If we did help you choose the best smartwatch for you between the Oppo Watch and the Galaxy Active 2, then do consider buying your watch from the affiliate links below. It would help us continue writing quality content, at no extra cost to you

Oppo Watch | Buy Now

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 | Buy Now

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