Oppo Patents Detachable Rear Camera Module for it’s Smartphones.

Oppo Patents Detachable Rear Camera Module for it’s Smartphones.

A recent patent filing reveals that the Chinese giant Oppo is working on a crazy camera module.

As seen in the image, the latest Oppo patent application spotted at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) shows a smartphone with a detachable rear camera module.

This Oppo phone will have a hole for a camera module in the rear panel. It will enable users to take out the camera system and use it for selfies, video calls, and group photos. Users can place the module anywhere and use the phone to capture photos, but not all of that is true. There’s a small twist

The twist is that the portable camera rectangular pill shape. It features two sensors and an LED flash in the patent filing. While the concept is crazy enough, you would more surprised to learn that the camera module has a hidden USB Type-C port. You will have to connect the module to the Type-C port while clicking selfies.

The Type-C port seems to be accessible at two angles – 90-degrees and 180-degrees.

This technology is under development, so let’s see how fast can we see this in action. Stay Tuned.

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