From a rollable phone to AR Glass: Here’s what Oppo introduced at Inno Day 2020


Oppo held its first Inno Day event last year, displaying an AR Glass headset and a concept phone with an in-display selfie camera. The firm has now officially kicked off its Inno Day 2020 occasion, so what did it have to show off this time?

True to the teases, the manufacturer showed off the Oppo X 2021 concept rollable phone. The concept device includes a 6.7-inch OLED screen at first, however a gesture on the side fingerprint scanner leads to a maximum screen size of 7.4-inches. In truth, the model claims this solution allows no crease on the display as we see with foldable. A video exhibits the mechanism in action, in addition to a USB-C port on the bottom right-hand side of the device.

Oppo says this design is made possible due to a number of applied sciences it’s incorporated in the device. For starters, the firm is utilizing a “Roll Motor” powertrain consisting of two motors to increase or retract the screen. It claims that a sudden push or pull won’t harm the display because of this tech.

The Chinese brand is also utilizing “Two in One Plate” technology to help the display and prevent it from collapsing. Finally, the firm is utilizing the so-called “Warp Track” tech just below the shifting screen area. This is similar to a caterpillar track and offers more resilience whereas the phone display retracts and extends.

It’s unclear if the screen has a protecting glass or if it’s made out of plastic as we’ve seen with the first Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate foldable. There’s additionally no word on whether or not the model plans to make this product a commercial reality, however we already know LG is engaged on a rollable phone of its own. LG beforehand teased the design in September whereas studies out of Korea point to a March 2021 launch.

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AR Glass returns

The firm beforehand teased a redesigned AR Glass headset that appeared sleeker than the last year’s pair. The AR Glass 2 headset is slimmer and lighter than the original model, with Oppo claiming that it’s 75% lighter than the final year model.

The redesigned headset still provides mixed reality and augmented reality options, due to a stereo fisheye camera, customary RGB camera, and a 3D ToF sensor. Oppo says the headset permits for interactions via smartphone, gesture-based interactions, spatial localization, and can perform 3D spatial localization in milliseconds. In other words, the model is touting a more accurate, natural AR experience.

Interestingly enough, Oppo says that customers can connect an Oppo Find X2 Pro to the headset via USB-C cable, boosting CPU and GPU performance by as much as 40% in comparison with the first-gen glasses. 

The manufacturer says you may watch online and local movies in an AR theater, akin to VR headsets. Furthermore, it’s touting the flexibility to superimpose some games (comparable to tower defense titles) over the real world, and AR home furnishing via’s app. Oppo says you may also interact with AR Glass by way of a paired smartphone, utilizing easy taps and swipes on the cellular device. In different words, this appears much like the likes of HoloLens and other AR headsets.

An AR navigation app?

The final concept announcement at Inno Day 2020 was Oppo’s CybeReal AR app. This offers exact localization and scene recognition, in addition to digital reconstruction. But the model envisions the app and technology being used for AR-enhanced indoor navigation in addition to for marketing in shops. In reality, the AR-enhanced navigation looks somewhat much like Google Maps’ AR navigation feature launched last year, as the video above shows.

Oppo says the CybeReal AR app makes use of a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, network, Bluetooth, cameras, SLAM algorithms, semantic studying, and more to get outcomes. “When the user visits any new places, they will find their location through CybeReal as soon as they open the camera,” the brand explains.

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