OnePlus 8 vs iPhone 11: The battle of budget flagships!

OnePlus 8 vs iPhone 11

The OnePlus 8 was basically built with the purpose of beating the iPhone 11, everything from the cameras to the pricing to the colour choice. It is pretty clear, what OnePlus have their sights set on.

So let’s find out if it does that ?

OnePlus 8 vs iPhone 11: The battle of budget flagships!
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The OnePlus 8 is a pretty comfortable phone. The phone has the same curved back and soft touch matte finish as its pro counterpart, but it’s slimmer, it has a smaller camera bump and is noticeably lighter. That is quite the combination. It sure enough feels better than the iPhone 11, and that said the iPhone 11 is hardly a bad feeling phone

The matte rails all the way around the sides and with it’s palm friendly size, it’s almost completely usable with one hand. Which brings me to the only thing I would say about the OnePlus 8 design. It may be the slimmer and lighter phone from the company but it’s still not small. The display is tall enough that one can barely reach halfway up with the thumb finger.

That display difference is just astronomical by every possible metric one can think off . OnePlus has the better panel, it’s larger 6.55 inches versus the 6.1 on iPhone 11. It uses Amoled tech for deeper contrast than Apple’s LCD, and it’s much higher resolution.

You’re looking at a full HD plus panel which gives it about 80% more pixels on its screen than the iPhone but the gap gets bigger. OnePlus has slim borders and tiny hole punch cutout camera, which makes the iPhone look a little bit like a toy in comparison and it’s brighter; a little brighter if you’re looking head-on but because our LCD screen quality tends to deteriorate from harsh viewing angles, OnePlus is much brighter when you’re looking from anywhere.

From the front these phones quite literally look five years apart and add to that the OnePlus 8 has a fluid 90 Hertz refresh rate versus 60Hz, so it’s more responsive.

It’s not 120 Hertz like the OnePlus 8 Pro but I think there is a bigger jump between 60 and 90 than there is between 90 and 120.

Also in the screen of the OnePlus 8 you’ve got a fingerprint scanner with a scanning area wide enough that you can even miss it slightly and you’ll still get in well.

With the iPhone you’ll be using secure 3D face and locking which to be fair is probably the most seamless option between the two.

OnePlus does have face scanning – but because it’s just using a front camera not a proper 3D scanner it could potentially, (in theory) be breached by someone if they really really want to get into your phone.

Anyways, well the iPhone’s display doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence, you can’t say this is not a seriously fast phone. In terms of performance it’s every bit as well speced as the thousand-dollar iPhone 11 Pro. It holds it’s own, no matter the task, whatever game, whatever app.

You’ll struggle to make the phone skip a beat. Mind you the same thing is true for OnePlus as it’s using the latest snapdragon 865 chip with ultra-fast UFS 3.0 storage and up to 12 gigs of RAM. The only thing it loses versus the OnePlus 8 Pro is that it has slightly older LPDDR4 RAM, which consumes a little more power and isn’t quite as fast.

Between these two, the OnePlus 8 and the iPhone 11 the benchmark will tell you OnePlus is about 20% faster, but in real life you will struggle to see a difference. What you might notice though with the OnePlus is whether it’s slightly more up to date on the spec sheet, and a couple of more general performance improvements.

A better Wi-Fi range for example.

5G for a lot of people isn’t exactly a big deal right now but in two years time when you’re still using the same phone it might well be you might want to be able to pop a 5G sim card in. It’s tricky though because I think given the choice OnePlus wouldn’t have added 5G to this non-pro OnePlus 8 because it’s expensive

I mentioned earlier that OnePlus is clearly targeting the iPhone 11 with this, and it’s kind of obvious, I mean everyone wants a piece of apples market share. Another thing what they’ve done with the cameras is that both phones have made the decision to have an ultra-wide or skip the telephoto camera.

Both phones have one main camera and one ultra wide and then OnePlus also has a third macro camera, and in real life scenarios both phones seem to go head to head as far as post processing is concerned

What I will give to OnePlus is that the vocals are even crisper on the device but if talk about emissions, the lack of wireless charging and a lack of an official IP certification for water and dust resistance does take away some points as the iPhone has both of them.

These might be big issues for some of you but personally to me they’re small especially

against the backdrop of the battery situation. While OnePus ships with the powerful 30 watt fast charger, the iPhone has a 5 watt charger that would have made 2011 proud, and it takes like 3 hours to fully charge. And in OnePlus, the battery capacity is also larger at around 4300 mA, versus Apple’s 3110.

But iPhones tend to be more efficient with the battery.

So then the only real case to be studied for the iPhone 11 vs the OnePlus 8 is software.

There is an Android versus iOS situation so if things like FaceTime and Airdrop and being able to make phone calls on your Mac, are really important to you then you should think carefully about moving to Android because you’ll lose them. But for every other user OnePlus, might be a better bet in terms of modern design, great display, and overall freedom with Android.

We discussed all the aspects of the comparison now it’s upto you to decide. Both have it’s pros and cons. But depending upon your personal usage and needs you must decide which phone is a better fit for you.

Comment Below which one you chose and why.

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