New Features Coming up on Twitter to make our life easier

The micro-blogging giant has announced some of the upcoming features in its Twitter Analyst Day meeting recently. So, here are five new features that will be making their way to Twitter in the near future.

Five new features that are making their way in Twitter

1. Communities

“Communities” the new feature on which Twitter is currently working on will let users create user-hubs based on common interests and locations. This way users will be able to build communities of like-minded users where they can discuss common topics, share new information, and interact with other people with shared interests. This new feature is pretty much similar to Facebook’s Group feature and is essentially an extension of Twitter’s existing “Topics” feature.

2. Super Follows

This is a feature that will let users support their favorite Twitter personality and get some extra perks from them. This feature allows the user to give a paid “super follow” to a Twitter handle and become a member of an exclusive community. Following a super follow, users will be able to get exclusive content from the profile, join subscriber-only conversations, attain a “Supporter badge”, and receive subscriber-only newsletters. Just like the community feature this feature is also similar to Patreon or Twitch’s Prime membership feature that lets users support their favorite content creator on the platforms, and receive extra perks in return.

5 features coming to Twitter in 2021

3. Safety Mode

Twitter claims to take user-safety very seriously. So, to keep users safe from abusive content and spam tweets, the developers will get started with “Safety Mode” for Twitter soon. It will be available in the form of a toggle inside the platform’s settings. As per the company, once it is enabled, it will “automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter Rules, and mute accounts that might be using insults, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks”.

5 features coming to Twitter in 2021

4. Business Profiles

Just like Facebook and Instagram another feature which Twitter is aiming to roll out soon is business profiles. To differentiate between different kinds of profiles, Twitter will be expanding their taxonomy of account types on the platform. For instance, with this feature, users will be able to open a profile for their businesses and will be able to give relevant information such as location/ address, opening times, and more. Moreover, the feature will also differentiate automated accounts from personal and business accounts.

5 features coming to Twitter in 2021

5. Audio Spaces

Announced last year, Twitter is aiming to release an Audio Spaces feature soon which is very similar to the popular voice-based social networking app Clubhouse. It will essentially let content creators create audio-only chat rooms to interact with their followers and fans directly. This feature has been in beta testing on iOS for quite some time now and is currently being tested on Android as well. The feature is expected to make its way to the general public soon.

5 features coming to Twitter in 2021

So, these are the 5 new features coming to Twitter in 2021. Apart from improving the user experience, the company also wants to keep its users safe and help them build creative communities to voice out their opinions.

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