Koo App, an alternative to Twitter in 2021?


Recently the fight between Central Government and Twitter has made desi alternatives of microblogging websites very popular among Indians. One of the prominent ones is Koo. Founded in 2020 by Aprameya Radhakrishna and his colleagues, it got the Atmanirbhar Best App Award for innovation.

Let’s see how you can join Koo.

How to register on Koo?

It’s as simple as it can get. You can register via email or via mobile number.

To register, enter your mobile number or email, get an OTP via SMS or email and it gets automatically

Similarities with Twitter

This app has been specifically designed so that a Twitter user can easily switch over. Most Twitter features are available on Koo.

  • On the bottom right corner, you have a button to create a Koo (like a tweet).
  • On the top left corner, you can click on your Profile DP to access your account page.
  • On the account page, you can edit to add your Bio, location, joining date, birthday, etc.
  • Your followers and the people you follow will be visible below that.
  • Coming back to the news feed page, you have a bar at the top, to create a new koo.
  • On the People page, you can discover relevant people, hailing from different professions.
  • From the bottom bar, you can go to trending hashtags, search, inbox, and notifications.
  • The search algorithm is very primitive at this stage, so won’t find popular people or posts at the top, probably here it needs improvement.
Verified Koo App

Verification Process

You can verify on Koo based on

  1. Your engagements
  2. Your profession
  3. Your verification status on other platforms
Koo App

Data Protection

Although the data protection on Koo is primitive and is developing to make user data more secure, make sure not to enter any important data which you feel should remain private while creating your profile for the time being. All the data is stored within India.

Censorship Policy

As recently, the Union Government is drafting a bill proposed to regulate social media websites and their responsibility, Koo co-founder has said that it will abide by Government rules and regulations. Uniform unbiased decisions will be taken for reducing reach or in serious cases, banning accounts spreading misinformation, hatred, or graphic content.


Although Koo is a relatively new social media app, it needs improvements over the long run, and bug fixes. Koo can only be successful if a large number of influencial people decide to switch over or create an account and engage with the audience. Recently a lot of government accounts and politicians have switched to Koo. We remain hopeful about its future.

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