Nearby Sharing: Android’s own version of Airdrop

After many leaks and rumours about Google’s Android version of AirDrop, Google finally confirms that its ‘Nearby Sharing’ is coming.

Apple AirDrop has been a unique feature on iPhones for a long time, and it allows users to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone or MacBook thus making it a handy feature for creators who have to transfer data from their iPhones to their laptops all the time. At long last Google has taken notice and decided to add this feature to Android 6 and above. This feature is currently under beta testing.

‘Nearby Sharing’ feature allows you to transfer files like photos, media, links etc. effortlessly. Some earlier rumours also suggest that this feature might also work with Chrome OS in addition to Android phones.

Being restricted to Android and Chrome OS only seems to be the only shortcoming of this feature. Let us see if Google extends its ‘Nearby Sharing’ feature to other platforms like Windows or not. None the less this new feature would be a welcome addition to the Android ecosystem.

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