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iPad Pro
iPad Pro

So today, in the Apple Spring Loaded Event, Apple has launched multiple products, one of which is the Apple iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inches. Let’s start, with what all you need to know about the new Apple iPad Pro lineup.

What’s new in the Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro is now powered by the Apple M1 chipset, thus making it really thin and light, at the same time having un-matched performance and efficiency.


iPad Pro 2021 Performance
iPad Pro 2021 Performance

Now the iPad is 50% faster in CPU performance, and 40% faster in GPU performance when compared to the last-gen iPad Pro. The numbers become, even more, impressive if compared to the 1st gen iPad. The CPU is 75 times faster, and the GPU is 1500 times faster than the 1st Gen iPad.

Though these numbers are only on paper, the iPad Pro, according to Apple is the fastest device of its kind. This can quite possibly be true, as the new Apple M1 is having some serious power on board.

The iPad Pro is mainly aimed at creative professionals with such a kind of power onboard. Apps like ProCreate, and Luma Fusion really is expected to be buttery smooth on the new iPad Pro.

Additional Features

This time the iPad Pro also has got support for X-box and Play Station controllers, for playing games, and to be honest, that’s a great addition to the iPad. As the graphics performance, is also really good, gamers will have a seamless experience with the new iPad Pro.

Storage on the iPad Pro is now 2 times faster, and you can get upto 2TB of storage.

iPad Pro, now has got a USB type C port, which is inturn an usb4.0 and also a thunderbolt port. This port supports 4 times more bandwidth than before, and also external displays upto 6k, and external storage devices are also supported.

With M1 onboard, Apple has also introducted 5G support in the new iPad Pro.

Lastly, this year, Apple has focussed a lot on making their products, environment friendly, and the Apple iPad Pro is no exception.

iPad Pro 2021 Environment
iPad Pro 2021 Environment

Pro Cameras

Now coming to the new Pro Cameras, Apple has really focussed on video capture, with real-time rendering support, where the LIDAR sensor is used along with AR capabilities. The result of this combination can be seen in these images.

Apple also introduced a new ultra-wide 12mp selfie camera, with a 122-degree wide field of view. With the new camera, portrait true depth selfies, are also available now. Now what excites me the most about these cameras, is the new Centre Stage Feature.

Centre Stage Feature uses the wide-angle camera, with the help of machine learning to always, keep the subject in centre. It also recognizes when someone else enters the frame and adjusts accordingly. This feature is primarily handy for video calls.

As the M1 has really advanced neural processing, Apple has incorporated its ISP feature, enhance the video and photo quality, even in really low light situations.


iPad Pro Display XDR
iPad Pro Display XDR

Lastly talking about the displays, the regular iPad Pro 11 inch has got the liquid retina display, whereas the iPad Pro 12.9 inch has the same tech as the Pro Display XDR.

Now to incorporate the technology in a form factor that’s just 6.4mm thin, Apple has developed something new called MINI LEDs. These are 120 times smaller than the existing LEDs. This new iPad display comprises around 10,000 mini LEDs making the display really bright, with a great contrast ratio of 1Million:1

There’s support for HDR-10 and Dolby Vision as well.

Pricing and Availability

The new iPad Pro (M1),11-inch, will be available from ₹71,900 (128GB) onwards and 12.9-inch from ₹99,900 (128GB) onwards.

You can order the new iPad pro starting April 30 and it will be available for purchase in May.

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