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We all want an increased battery life, so that we can stay away from our chargers for as long as possible and a major part of it depends on our actual battery capacities. However, with non-removable batteries becoming the norm, there are a few tweaks and good habits that we can implement to keep our batteries healthy and long-lasting. 

Some of the ways to extend the battery life of your smartphone are as follows–

Smart Charging, Not Full

A very profound misconception that people nowadays have is that it is a good habit to charge your phone all the way up to 100% and let it discharge completely. However, this is not just wrong it is harmful for the battery of today because this reduces the lifespan of the batteries. This theory was valid for older batteries, like lead-acid batteries, which had ‘battery memory’, and if you did not charge it like that the capacity would degrade. However, today’s batteries are Lithium-Ion are diametrically opposite, and as a result, partial charging and keeping the battery percentage between 20 and 80 as much as possible would increase the number of cell cycles, and result in greater longevity.

Avoid Temperature

Increased heat and temperature are a foe to modern-day batteries due to increased stress on the battery, resulting in reduced capacity over time. As a result, it is a good practice to keep your phone in cooler regions with temperatures around 25-30 degrees Celsius to ensure the best battery health.

Analyse and Optimise

Another major way to increase the battery life of your smartphone is to analyze your battery usage, identify what apps use them and how much, and take necessary actions. Very fast battery drains might also result in your device heating up, again negatively affecting your battery. Optimizing battery usage, and removing applications that utilize too much battery would be a good idea to avoid this problem.

Screen Brightness and Time-Out

One of the things that take up the most amount of battery is the screen. As a result, when you keep the screen at increased brightness or have a very high screen time-out duration, the battery drains faster. As a solution, keeping your brightness as low as possible, or even turning on automatic brightness might come in handy. Additionally, reducing the screen timeout to limit the amount of time the screen stays awake without any work happening would also benefit the battery life.

Dark Mode

A very useful tip to substantially increase your battery life is to switch to dark mode and use dark wallpapers and designs. What this does, is that it has to make use of lesser pixels, and hence lesser energy in this mode, and less energy consumption means an increased battery life. Not just this, dark mode comes with other pros too, which include reduced strain on the eyes, especially at night. 

Network Reception & Wi-Fi

A very important factor in battery drain statistics is the stability of your mobile networks, that is, the more your network fluctuates the quicker your battery drains. To avoid this problem, make sure to switch over to a strong Wi-Fi network whenever available, and if possible get a connection that offers you a stable network coverage in places of your need.

If the network reception is very poor and you do not need to use your phone, turning the airplane mode on might save a lot of battery.

Software and Application Updates

No matter what the issue is, a software update can bring a solution to all of them, and the battery drain is also one of them. Updates focus on improving user experience and optimizing the hardware of the smartphone, as a result keeping your phone up to date would only result in an improved overall result.

Sudden Discharge? Restart

Even though very rare, sometimes your phone might suddenly begin to lose battery very fast, seemingly without any real cause. In such a scenario, a simple restart would most probably fix the issue. 

However, if such a problem persists, contacting customer care would be the only right thing to do.

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