How to download Youtube Videos in 2021 (Ultimate Guide)


Many times instead of constantly having to use data or experiencing frustrations regarding lack of network, it is better to download your YouTube videos so you can watch them offline without the hassles of wifi or mobile data. So today we discuss How to download Youtube Videos on every platform. Some of the methods to download a Youtube video are listed below.

How to download Youtube video in Android:

  1. If you have YouTube Premium, go to the official app. You require a subscription (a free
    trial prior to that). Find the video you want to download, tap the Download button and
    choose your video quality.
  2. You can also use a third party app like TubeMate that allows you to download videos from other apps like Dailymotion and Vimeo too.
    • Search the video you want to download from Youtubeb and tap Download.
    • Select the quality and the red Download button.
    • You will find the Download button at the bottom to discover the offline video.
  3. You can also use the Y2Mate. All you need to do is copy the URL link of the YouTube video, visit Y2mate, choose the desired quality, select download. After the download, transfer the file to your Android.

How to download Youtube video in iPhone/iPad/Mac:

  1. Download Documents by Readdle. (Click here)
  2. Select the compass icon to open browser and go to
  3. Copy the Youtube video URL and paste in the text box and select Download. Select the desired quality, give a name and location.
  4. Go to the bottom navigation bar and select the Downloads to view those videos. If you want to save it to the hard drive, go to Documents home screen and open the folder of Downloads. Find the video and tap the three dots icon, tap on share and then save. You will find the video in your photos
  5. For Mac, downloading good quality videos can be achieved from using a 4K video downloader. Install
  6. Find the video, copy and paste the link. Once done, click the three dots icon and save it.

How to download Youtube video in PC:

  1. For PC, you can again use the 4K downloader and follow the same steps as mentioned above for Mac.
  2. You can also use Y2mate. Copy and enter the URL. Select the quality. Choose Download.mp4 and select the folder to save the video. You can also rename the folder if you want.
  3. You can also use VLC player. Download https://www.videolan.or
  4. Go to the required video, copy the URL. Open VLC player.
  5. Open a network stream. For Windows, Click Media and Open Network Stream. For Mac, click File and Open Network Stream.
  6. Paste the URL. Select Play for PC and Open for Mac. View the codec information. For Windows, click Tools and Codec Information. For Mac, click Window and Media Information.
  7. Go down to Location and copy it. Paste it into the web browser and press Enter. Right click and save the video (Save video as). It will start downloading. Select the location and click save.

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