LG reveals its massive 163-Inch 4K microLED TV

LG is well known for its displays, especially OLED displays. Every CES LG unveiled innovative new TVs, like the rollable TV etc.
Now LG is eyeing to compete with micro-LED displays with the newly unveiled 163-inch 4K microLED TV the “LG Magnit”.

One of the several advantages of microLED is that it is scalable to enormous sizes and it doesn’t suffer from burn-in issues like OLED. This allows LG to make th display however large they want it to be, and a 163-inch TV speaks for itself.

With this new pixel-tech, LG is set to provide a rich and immersive experience for the viewers while watching content on that giant screen.

This 163-inch behemoth is not meant for home purposes instead made for museums, hotels etc. The “LG Magnit” is equipped with Alpha AI processor and LG’sWebOS for a fast and smooth experience and an intuitive to use the TV.

Surprisingly, the TV is 4K rather than 8K since 8K would have been better at this size. It might be because people are expected to be seated far from the TV to be able to see the massive display. The LG Magnit also comes with a black coating for reducing the reflections and improving the viewing angles; LG claims it also makes the display easier to clean as well.

The LG Magnit is available for businesses and industrial customers and not to general consumers since it would be out of reach for most of them.
Check out all about the “LG Magnit” on LG’s official website for details.

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