Canon patents Next Generation Cinema Camera

Canon is trying to create the Next generation of Cinema cameras. A recent patent surfaced online, the patents show that Canon is working on reducing the size of the Cinema camera and the pluggability of cables in the camera thus making it more portable.

Patent Number

Application JP20191A events  – 2019-12-12
Application filed by Canon Inc- 2019-12-12
Priority to JP20191A – 2020-03-26

Patents Details

Manufacturing a camera that prevents a cable from being caught and a connector from being separated while achieving a reduction in the width of the camera Canon has used a device 101 which is a device body having a front side, a rear side, and a side face disposed between them. The side face has several inclined faces including a first and a second inclined face.

Each of the inclined faces on the side face includes a first end and a second end. The first end is placed closer to the backside than the second end. The first end is also closer to the optical axis than the second end in the width direction. The plurality of inclined faces positioned in order to not overlap one different as seen from the width course and organized such that a few of them overlap as seen from an optical axis course. All the external connection terminals are provided on the first inclination face. The second inclination face is supplied with one exterior connection terminal displaced within the width course and in a top course orthogonal to the optical axis from all of the exterior connection terminals of the primary inclination face.

The present invention reduces the pluggability of the cable with respect to the exterior connection terminal even when a number of exterior connection terminals are organized on the aspect floor within the width course of the device primary physique, whereas decreasing the width of the equipment primary physique resembling an imaging device within the width course. A method for stopping a cable from being caught or a connector from being disconnected without the necessity for a similar is also provided.

Stay tuned for some leaks and reviews about Cameras.

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