BGMI Privacy Issues Continued: Here’s How

The new Indian version of the once-popular PUBG game has created a stir among the youth of the country. With over 10 million downloads, this game is now available on every other person’s android smartphone, but do we really have overcome the problem of security due to which this game was banned in the first place. Unfortunately, the answer is in negation.

The game PUBG was a joint project by a Korean and Chinese venture known as “KRAFTON”. One of its collaborators, TENCENT was accused of leaking the user’s data and thus this resulted in the ban of PUBG and other 52 Chinese apps with that. With this ban, the youth of India lost a part of their lives which proves the influence PUBG had on their lives. Many children died on not being able to play the game and went on for a year at least.

The youth found a ray of hope when KRAFTON brought in Battlegrounds Mobile India just 9 months after the ban was taken on. The game was launched and users could pre-register in it using their play store. They haven’t released the final game yet but early access is given from 18th June onwards. The excitement was at its peak which resulted in 10 million downloads since the early access release.

Does the question still arise if the game is safe or not? The answer in that regard is a complete no and we will tell you why.

KRAFTON claiming that it is a Korean company but its shares are held both by Chang Byung Gyu and Tencent.

In their official website: , it is informed that,

“When you participate in social features (such as game chat), please note that
the information that you disclose becomes public information and we may
store and access it”

This clearly proves that BGMI is just like PUBG with no security features at all to say the least.

As we dig deeper, we find that the package name in the application is given as

This proves that BGMI is the same as PUBG and uses its packages only.

Another thing that should be your concern is the app permissions. While running the software, we have seen that a few app permission that seems unusual.

These are

  • To access the Internet
  • To access the External Storage
  • Access Network state
  • Wake Lock
  • Read External Storage
  • Record Audio
  • Bluetooth Admin
  • Receive and send messages and so on.


From the give proves it is evident that nothing has changed in BGMI, the same application of PUBG has been renamed with no such modifications, data leak and safety measures. Download this game only if you feel you do not have important data to give out cause safety is always better than pleasure.

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