Best Work From Home Tips to make money online !!!


So online jobs from home or how to make money from home are often something that people are always interested to know. But in the lockdown period working from home or home-based jobs has taken an exponential leap.

Today we are going to discuss the best working from home tips and tricks which you can use to make yourself more productive and also ways to make money from home by doing some part-time jobs from home.

Mind you all of these are legit work from home jobs, so stick till the end. Let’s will proceed with the tips first.

Work From Home and Make Money Online

So let’s talk about working from home tips and tricks one by one.

1.Maintain a specific routine

Now maintaining a specific routine during this time is very important as people tend to get lazy and indisciplined when there’s a lot of leisure time. So chalk out what are your daily jobs and maintain a healthy sleep cycle and try not to get addicted to a movie or NETFLIX shows on a regular basis as your productivity will be hampered a lot.

2.Include Some breaks in the routine

Now when you created that perfect routine for this lockdown make sure you get some breaks from time to time, say after working fro 2 hrs you take a 20 min break. Scheduling and taking breaks at regular intervals can improve your productivity.

3. Create your own space.

During the lockdown, all of your family members are ideally at home. So create your own working space, like a specific place or desk in your house, it can be any corner of your house and make sure you can do your work there in peace and also ensure you have a healthy internet connection there.

4. Exercise and do some workout once in a day.

Going out of your home is restricted but you should definitely any free space like rooftops or gardens to get some fresh air and exercise once in a day.

Now you are all set.So let’s talk about the ways to earn money by working from home.

1. Use Online Services/Platforms.

Many companies need interns from time to time for specific jobs and especially in this lockdown time, the work from home culture is on the rise. So if you have a specific skill that you are confident about you can always use online platforms like, and to sell your skill. You have to apply to the specific profile you want to work in and once you get selected you can make some easy cash from Internshala by just working from home. On Fiverr you can sell your skill for somewhat about 5 to 6 dollars in the beginning and once you become popular and get some good ratings you can increase your price. I have used Internshala and it’s a really good platform to earn from your skills.

2.Data entry jobs from home

You might not specialize in a specific skill so data entry jobs are one thing you can try to make money from home. You can find them online on Internshala and many other platforms and they don’t require you to specialize in a specific skill.

3.Using Affiliate Marketing.

You can use affiliate marketing to earn money from sites like and currently, all affiliate sponsorships are closed, but you can make yourself aware of this technique as it has a large potential and maximum YouTubers and bloggers have this as one of their main sources of income.

4.Youtube and Blogging

You might use this opportunity to enter the world of YouTube or start blogging. People are at home so most of them are searching for content.

You can Also start Blogging if you are camera shy as blogging can prove very beneficial in long run and in both of these you can make money from home and also use them to create your own brand and explore a lot more opportunities.


These were all the options to work from home and make money online. There are a lot of opportunities and platforms but ultimately it depends upon you on how you take them and utilize them. If you are already in a job you can start them as a side business and also if you are working from home for your exiting job the tips and tricks are there at your help to maximize your productivity while working from home. Comment down your thoughts and I will catch you in the next one.


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