Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India

Looking for the best cryptocurrency exchanges in India?, Here are the top 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges in India, that we recommend using. But before we start here are some pre-requisites.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset which s worked as a medium of exchange. The individual coin ownership is stored in a ledger that exists in the form of a computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records.

In the recent era, where technology has taken an advanced leap, cryptocurrency has gained upsurging popularity. This is mostly after it has been legalized in India. In order to use these currencies for one’s own profit, one needs to be a part of the cryptocurrency exchanges. This is similar to the stock market where cryptocurrencies can be sold, bought, or exchanged.

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Here are the top 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges that can be found in India.

1) WazirX

This has been one of the most successful cryptocurrency exchanges of India. Starting its venture from 8th March, it has successfully completed its aim to be one of the leading trustworthy brands. If you are looking for a technology that is able to do multiple transactions, then this is the one you can put your trust into.


  • Smooth and efficient trading
  • Can be done across all platforms
  • Comprises of an innovative KYC system
  • Has the capacity to scale up the framework for rising demands


  • The latest feature of crypto lending is not added in this yet
  • The fee for the withdrawal of crypto assets is higher

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2) BuyUCoin


Being a pioneer in the cryptocurrency market in India, this provides a convenient forum for various cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, List, NEM, Civic. These forums are trustworthy in nature and thus are a very good choice for cryptocurrency stock. This platform minimizes the risk and thus helps the stockers to sell, buy or store their digital assets efficiently


  • Users can participate in crypto as SIP
  • A sandbox system is introduced so as to avoid ban of cryptocurrency in India
  • Protection to digital assets has been provided such that digital assets are free from hackers.
  • The platform stores 95% of the total funds offline


  • Customer service is worse
  • A huge amount of money taken to buy crypto



Launched on April 7th, 2018, this has been providing a user-friendly interface to all the customers. This platform has allowed customers to access a variety of products. Its services are enabled by industry-leading security and insurance protection processes.


  • UPI and IMPS approved
  • Provides a user-friendly interface
  • It has a community and social media presence
  • Each exchange is given ample amount of credibility


  • Nothing notable as such



Bitbns is a peer-peer sharing platform. Here we are able to offer and buy bitcoins with ease. The users can buy or sell their digital assets without the involvement of the third party as usually done on other platforms. One can automate their orders using various features and tools added to the website. Thus it is user convenient and safe.


  • Strictly peer to peer thus no third party involvement occurs
  • 98+ forms of cryptocurrencies are kindly added for stock exchange.
  • Gives the best available rates for the currencies
  • Automation of the orders taken in can be done by the user


  • The minimum deposit amount is Rs 1000
  • High fees are charged



Starting from 2014, this has kept its reign high in the cryptocurrency market with over 3 billion customers and 2 billion transactions. We can get both bitcoins and a range of altcoins that have guaranteed execution and minimal slippage.


  • Robust security
  • We have the control to block all outgoing transactions with the disable outgoing transactions feature
  • Lightning Network payments
  • A versatile platform


  • Prone to malicious hackers
  • Lengthy user identity verification process



One of the most stable cryptocurrency exchange sites, this has gained huge popularity in India. They can offer trade and buy digital assets just by completing KYC/AML procedures. If you are a beginner, this platform will help you learn the basics and if you are someone who is well equipped with the crypto exchange feature, then this is the perfect one for you as well.


  • Its interface is perfect for both beginners and pro users
  • More than 300+ cryptocurrency variants are available
  • Unlimited transaction limit
  • Offers a staggering number of trading pairs


  • The mode of payment is only visa and master card



If cyber theft is what you are more worried about, then this is the perfect cryptocurrency exchange platform for you. Coming with 100% cyber theft insurance, this platform is partnered up with custodial service, Bitgo, and many other sites. It comes with 24 x 7 instant withdrawal and deposit features


  • It has some of the deepest crypto to crypto liquidity industry
  • Lesser market fees
  • Enhanced on the chain and off-chain compliance
  • Enhanced controls available


  • In some parts of India, cryptocurrencies is not curtailed in many parts of India



Thriving in the cryptocurrency market, Unocoin serves over 1.5 million users and has the backing of the top 45 investors. This platform has a combination of security and a user-friendly platform. Coming in both ios and android, this platform has been a reliable partner for many experienced pro cryptocurrency holders.


  • User friendly and secure
  • Bitcoins are held in cold storage
  • High liquidity
  • Presence of a range of trading tools


  • No metadata trading platforms
  • Limited funding options



If you are a beginner with no prior experience in bitcoin exchange, then this is one of the best platforms for you. It comprises of money transfer that is p2p or peer-peer. We can use this application to pay for various essential necessities such as buy groceries or get your online orders. This is one of the most convenient applications that helps beginners to get a grip of the crypto platform.


  • Peer-peer transfer
  • Ability to withdraw Bitcoin
  • Has an extremely user interface
  • It has its own cash app debit


  • Only bitcoin investment is allowed
  • 3% extra is charged when paid with credit cards



One of the most widely known cryptocurrency exchanges, this application has its roots in the United States of America. Giving the user a lot of choices, this has provided a list of altcoin choices that one can get. With easy-to-use features, this platform allows beginners to use the website efficiently without any issues. A trustworthy application one can get.


  • A solid variety of altcoin choices
  • Very simple user interface
  • Liquidity is higher


  • Its pro version takes higher charges
  • No control for wallet keys


These were the best cryptocurrency exchanges in India, that you can use. We recommend using WAZIR X, followed by Coinswitch Kuber, and ZebPay.Let us know, which one you wanna use.

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Are cryptocurrencies illegal?

No, they are not.

Can anyone get cryptocurrencies?

Yes, as long as you have the proper hardware and software for it.

Are there any risks involved?

Usually, cryptocurrencies are prone to attacks from hackers but if one is careful, this can be avoided.

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