Apple’s new iPad 2021 is here | Here’s all you need to know

Apple has launched a lot of products in its latest event on 14th September 2021. Among the key announcements, the Ipad 2021 is a major one. So in this post let’s talk about all you need to know about the iPad 2021.

To save both your time and mine, I shall cover all the key announcements about the iPad in a point-wise manner. Let’s begin


What’s new in iPad 2021?

The iPad 2021 is physically identical to the previous version of the baseline 10.2 inch iPad, but it has some interesting changes this year.

A13 Bionic is now on the iPad

Firstly the iPad 2021, comes with the Apple A13 Bionic chip, so the performance is a lot better. To be exact, this year’s iPad is 20% faster in performance both in terms of CPU, and GPU. The neural engine has also been improved from last year. This year the iPad is said to be 3 times faster than the best Chromebook, and 6 times faster than the best-selling Android tablet

Center Stage is now on the Budget iPad

Apple’s center stage was one of the best features of the latest iPad OS. But to implement that you need a wide-angle front camera on your iPad. Guess what! the new iPad 2021 has an all-new 12 mp ultrawide camera with support for center stage, both in landscape and portrait mode. This new camera will help you have great video calls and will be especially helpful in the new online learning era.

Truetone Display is here!

The iPad now also has a truetone display, and it still supports the 1st generation Apple Pencil. The iPad will be shipped with iPad OS 15 out of the box and a 20W USB-C adapter.

Pricing and Availability

iPad 2021 pricing
iPad 2021 pricing

The new iPad 2021 starts at 329$ for the 64GB base variant and 299$ for students. Users can order the iPad today, and they shall start shipping from next week.

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