Apple Slips to Fourth Place for Smartphone Market Share, Overtaken by Xiaomi

Apple has shipped 10.6 % fewer iPhones year-on-year within the third quarter of 2020, which means that it has been overtaken by Xiaomi for the first time.

The report shows how Apple is now ranked as the fourth-largest smartphone producer by market share. This is the first time that Apple has ranked fourth, with Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung exceeding Apple’s 11.8 % share.

On whole, Apple is believed to have shipped 41.2 million units within the third quarter, which is 5 million lower than the same time last year.

The drop was anticipated on the back of the delay in launching the iPhone 12 lineup, which often appears within the third quarter. Irrespective of the belated arrival of the ‌iPhone 12‌, the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE contributed to nearly all of Apple’s volume and performed “exceptionally well.”

Going forwards, IDC expects Apple to grow in the coming quarters on account of strong early demand for the ‌iPhone 12‌ and strong trade-in offers from main carriers, notably throughout the United States.

Samsung reclaimed the highest position with a market share of 22.7 %, delivering over 80 million smartphones. Huawei adopted with a 14.7 % share, and this was a big reduction of 40 % year-on-year. vivo also returned to the top 5 with a market share of 8.9 %.

Xiaomi overtook Apple for the first time with a market share of 13.1 %, achieving a 42 % growth. The rise is supposedly on account of strong gains in India and China.

Overall, the worldwide smartphone market declined by only 1.3 % year-on-year within the third quarter of 2020. The outcomes had been stronger than IDC’s earlier forecast of a 9 % year-over-year decline. A necessary development was the strength of shipments in India, which is the second-largest market globally, and different rising markets, such as Brazil, Indonesia, and Russia.

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