“Zoom not a safe platform for video conferencing” Says Govt. of India


Not only in India in other countries like Germany, Singapore and Taiwan have also banned this app.pp from conducting online classes and webinars. But now there are security and privacy concerns regarding the zoom app and people are being recommended not to use it.

Let’s find out why the Zoom App is not secure?

“Zoom App is not safe”

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an advisory stating that the popular videoconferencing app Zoom is “not safe”.

Not only in India in other countries like Germany, Singapore and Taiwan have also banned this app.

The CERT-IN that is the Computer Emergency Response Team of India has reported the vulnerability of the app,

The primary reason behind, the video conferencing app not safe is that two researchers claimed to have found a loophole that could allow attackers to acquire Windows passwords and also silently access a user’s Macbook and tap into its webcam and microphone.

This is a reality as the user has to give permission to the app to access it’s microphone and camera and obviously that can be misused.

But still, some people might want to use the app. So here are some guidelines.

The guidelines include:

  • Preventing unauthorised entry into the conference room and stopping malicious activity by authorized people on terminals of the other participants.
  • The advisory asked users to avoid DOS attack by restricting users through passwords and access grant.
  • A DOS attack or Denial Of Service attack by hackers make a computer or network resource unavailable to the intended users.
  • The guidelines from the Union home ministry further read, “Most of the settings can be done by logging in into users zoom account at the website, or installed application at PC/Laptop/Phone and also during the conduct of the conference. However certain settings are possible through certain mode/channel only.”

Zoom has responded to the issue as well. Zoom Chief Executive, Eric S Yuan apologized for the security breach and promised to look into the concerns.

Subsequently, Zoom introduced a new security menu so that users can easily access privacy tools. The video conference app created a dedicated icon for security at the bottom of the screen which replaced the invite button in the app.

Now as the zoom app is something you might want to avoid, I have listed some alternative webinar apps that you might consider. I have listed zoom also previously in that list, but the other listings should serve as a viable replacement.

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