Watch AI-controlled Virtual fighters tackle an Air Force pilot on August 18th


DARPA held the second trial in January this yr and pitted participants’ significantly improved algorithms in opposition to AI adversaries developed by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Both trials had been hosted in-person at the APL.

The third trial will likely be streamed from the APL, as well, with eight groups flying against the lab’s AI adversary algorithms on the first day and then against one another in a spherical robin tournament on the second.

It’s the first time the members are pitting their AIs towards each other in public. On the final day, the highest 4 AIs will compete in a single-elimination match for the championship title.

The final crew standing will then get the chance to fly against an Air Force fighter pilot controlling a virtual airplane.

Col. Dan “Animal” Javorsek, the program supervisor in DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office, stated in a press release:

“Regardless of whether the human or machine wins the final dogfight, the AlphaDogfight Trials is all about increasing trust in AI. If the champion AI earns the respect of an F-16 pilot, we’ll have come one step closer to achieving effective human-machine teaming in air combat, which is the goal of the ACE program.”

Teams from Aurora Flight Sciences, EpiSys Science, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Heron Systems, Lockheed Martin, Perspecta Labs, PhysicsAI, and SoarTech make up the eight members for trial 3. Interested viewers should register beforehand to able to tune in: US residents have till August 17th to enroll, whereas everybody else has till August 11th.


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