The range of data sent by Android is 20% more than Apple

Data researchers from Trinity College in Ireland, Douglas Leith in a new study claimed that a vast amount of user telemetry data is sent to Google and Apply by both Android and iOS. The most alarming news is that the average Android device reportedly sends almost 1MB of data to Google’s servers, whereas Apple sends about 42kB.

Leith out forward the fact that both Android and iOS send data to their servers even when users do seemingly basic or everyday tasks and preinstalled apps in both Android and iOS send data to remote servers regularly, even when they are not opened or used. These apps include Siri, Safari and iCloud in iOS, and the likes of Chrome, YouTube, Google Docs and more.

Google in response to this claimed that “According to our research, these findings are off by an order of magnitude, and we shared our methodology concerns with the researcher before publication. This research largely outlines how smartphones work. Modern cars regularly send basic data about vehicle components, their safety status, and service schedules to car manufacturers, and mobile phones work in very similar ways. This report details those communications, which help ensure that iOS or Android software is up to date, services are working as intended, and that the phone is secure and running efficiently.”

Multiple accounts were used for the data collection on Android and iOS, which included the first startup following a factory reset when a SIM was inserted or removed when a handset remained idle when the settings screen was viewed when a location was enabled or disabled on the device, and when a user logged into a phone’s preinstalled app store.

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