Sony Teases users with its upcoming 360 Reality Audio speakers

Each speaker is capable of “ambient room-filling sound” that beams noise in all directions. An Immersive Audio Enhancement algorithm transforms stereo tracks for a simulated experience, whenever the content isn’t available in Sony’s 360 formats.

Offers a range of wireless connectivity (including Bluetooth, WiFi, Spotify Connect, and Google Cast). Users can control the RA5000 and RA3000 with their own voice via a Google Assistant or Alexa compatible device.

In addition to this, Sony offers a degree of customization with its Music Center app. With this software, users can also control music and playlists as well as adjusting settings. Moreover, they will be adjusting the volume automatically, according to the company. Sony promises consistent levels even if songs vary in loudness from track to track with this feature.

Sony exclaims that its users will be able to calibrate the RA5000 for “optimum audio performance.” The users just simply have to hold down the Immersive Audio Enhancement button on the RA5000 and the calibration process will begin soon. The RA3000 offers automatic sound calibration that handles all of the work for its customers. The RA5000 is high-resolution audio compatible like other Sony speakers, soundbars, and headphones.

The RA3000 speaker is humidity resistant, enter standby mode has 15 minutes of inactivity. The RA5000 also has the same features.

The information is obtained from the Sony UK site, so it applies to the models that will be sold there exclusively. The company stated that these products will be releasing this spring — including the pricing list. For now, Android Police reports the RA5000 will be costing £500/€599 and the RA3000 will be £280/€359.

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