PlayStation 5 May Have Sub-Screen Support!


Sony revealed the design of its next-gen PS5 console at its “Future of Gaming” event earlier this month. While console gamers may be eagerly waiting to get their fingers on PS5, a new Sony patent has revealed a potential characteristic that game streamers are likely to find helpful.

As per the patent, PS5 might assist simultaneous multi-screen viewing. That is, one would be capable to hold a game operating while watching a separate video on YouTube or Twitch.

sony ps5 patent image

“Provided is an information processing device which: displays a main screen including main content; displays a sub-screen including sub-content of a different type from the main content at the same time as the main screen,” reads the patent.

“The information processing device receives a switching operation to switch from a mode for receiving an operation on the main screen to a mode for receiving an operation on the sub-screen, and highlights the sub-screen when switching to the mode for receiving an operation on the sub-screen is performed,” the patent added.

If this sounds acquainted to Xbox avid gamers, that’s because it is. The same implementation named Snap existed in Xbox One. Microsoft, however, eliminated the characteristic in favor of better pace and improved memory utilization back in 2017. The Redmond giant has not revealed if it has plans to deliver Snap mode again along with Xbox Series X.

While the patent doesn’t actually verify the availability of the characteristic, it will be good to see the feature when Sony retails the PlayStation 5 later this year.

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