OnePlus Nord N1 5G -The next mid-range phone

The naming gets a small amount confusing with the OnePlus Nord, OnePlus Nord N10, and OnePlus Nord N100. And since that’s not confusing enough, it appears that the future one within the line is that the OnePlus Nord N1 5G.
To be fair, the lines that delineate the primary 3 OnePlus Nord phones square measure a small amount clear, a minimum of for currently. The primary OnePlus Nord, which wasn’t created obtainable within the North American nation, occupied a better mid-range tier that ran on a Snapdragon 765G. The OnePlus Nord N100 on the other hand, being the brand’s entry-level option.
Other than the name, however, nothing else regarding this new mid-range phone is understood now. It’ll have 5G support, as indicated within the name. Presuming the OnePlus Nord while not the “N” can still have a successor, this can presumably be delivered by the Snapdragon 690 or something else Qualcomm launches later this year.

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