MediaTek’s new smart TV chip MT9638 is all set to power 4K smart TVs

In recent times, there are dozens of smart or Internet-connected TVs around that bring smartphone-like conveniences to living rooms. Unlike smartphones, most smart TV manufacturers focus on software platforms, image, and audio enhancement technologies, or AI-powered feats. All of these are, of course, made possible by a processor hiding deep inside the TV and MediaTek is making sure that everyone knows that its new MT9638 chip will be powering some of the 4K smart TVs that may be gracing your house in the near future.

MediaTek MT9638 offers four ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores and a Mali-G52 GPU in terms of its specification. It supports a variety of video and audio technologies, from HDR10+ to Dolby Vision and Atmos including 4K resolutions, upscaling images and video up to 4K60 if needed, and integrates Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) for smoother graphics, especially in games.

AI is often used in TVs these days for intelligent enhancement of audio and pictures like AI-based scaling mediated and MediaTek wants to highlight the AI capabilities of the chip and its custom built-in AI Processing Unit or APU. It also boasts that the APU is capable of real-time content and scene recognition for adjusting picture settings, like color saturation and brightness, on the fly.

These AI-based features are no longer enough for smart TVs these days either and many of these features, however, do depend on their integration with the rest of the TV hardware which, in turn, depends on manufacturers picking up this new MediaTek MT9638 chip. MediaTek does brag about shipping over two billion of its smart TV chips, powering TVs from global manufacturers. Given how those manufacturers tend to stay silent on that particular spec, however, it might hard to tell which ones those are.

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