“Mars Perseverance Photo Booth” – A new photo booth for the alien planet.

From the time NASA started to eye MARS as a potentially habitable planet, it’s worth wondering that if someday humans and animals will actually be able to live on MARS.

If that’s ever made possible how will our pictures come out on MARS? Well surprisingly NASA also has thought about this very weird scenario. Hence, it has created a tool that lets one superimpose themselves or anyone, for that matter, on a real picture of MARS taken by the Perseverance Rover.

Everyone has heard of NASA’s MARS mission, unless if one is living under a bush. The space organization launched a robotic rover to MARS back in July 2020 and the SUV-sized rover “Perseverance” successfully landed on MARS just recently. Since that time NASA started to release pictures of MARS showcasing its red landscapes and environment.

Mars Perseverance Photo Booth – What is it?

The official website of the space organization created a dedicated tool for the general public to put MARS landscapes as a backdrop for their pictures, apart from using the breathtaking MARS pictures for research. Named as “Mars Perseverance Photo Booth”, this tool basically allows anyone to use various MARS pictures by NASA, including the ones taken by Perseverance, as a backdrop for their pictures.

This tool is very simple to use. You can select a picture of Mars landscapes, as per your preference then upload an image of yourself and let the tool do its work. After completion of these two steps, you will get a picture of you standing on the alien planet, in front of the red landscapes of Mars.

It’s important to note that there will be a “Mars Perseverance” watermark on the pictures which you cannot remove. The pictures, however, look somewhat real and good too. The tool also does a great job in cutting out the subject for the images. There are very minimal issues with edge-detection, although the tool struggles a bit with cluttered images.

So now, if you too want to try out the tool for yourself or for any of your friends, you can head to NASA’s official website and generate your own Mars picture. It’s fun doing these funky things with your pictures.

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