Macbook Pro 13 inch 2020 | Upgraded Specs | Compared to Macbook Air 2020 | Should you buy it?


Today Apple announced another product and that is an update to the MacBook Pro 13-inch, the 2020 model. So a couple of weeks ago Apple did announce the updates to the MacBook and the iPad, and the MacBook Air actually saw a pretty good upgrade for 2020 including quad-core options and in general just making it a more capable computer at its size.

But a lot of people were also asking whether or not they should get the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air for video editing photo editing coding and just stuff that might need a little bit more power. The best suggestion was to wait a little bit for the update of the MacBook Pro 13 inch or even wait for the 14-inch model that is set to come out hopefully very soon even just for the keyboard updates.

Macbook Pro 13 inch 2020 | Upgraded Specs | Compared to Macbook Air 2020 | Should you buy it?

At first glance just to summarise though, you have a better keyboard better speakers as well as a new processor generation faster RAM and also the new keyboard.

The MacBook Pro 13-inch now starts at $1299 which is essentially the same price as a 13-inch maxed out MacBook Air but there are definitely a few differences even at the base option.

So for the starting price of $1299 on the MacBook Pro 2020 you’re getting eight-generation 1.4 GHz i5 quad-core processor that can turbo up to 3.9 GHz. This also includes the IRIS Plus Graphics 645 and 8 Gigs of DDR3 RAM and that is going to be important as compared to the higher models it also comes with 256 Gigs of storage compared to 128 for the same base price and if you want to upgrade to 16 Gigs of RAM it is $100 compared to 200 in previous years.

The disadvantage here though is that it comes with two Thunderbolt three ports compared to four on the upgraded models.Now moving on to the upgraded models it costs $1799 and comes with a 10th generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor compared to eighth-generation although the improvement in CPU is not going to be anything extreme there is an improvement in graphics by up to 80% with the Intel IRUS Plus.

One of the benefits of the tenth generation quad-core processor brings is a compatibility with LPDDR4 X speed RAM, and this Ram is 3733 MegaHertz compared to 2133 on the lower models and it comes with 16 gigs standard. You do also have the option to upgrade up to 32 Gigs. For the first time this model also comes with 512 Gigs of storage with the option to upgrade up to 4 TeraBytes and the speed is around 3 GigaBytes per second.

You also do get 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports compared to 2 and I feel like if you’re planning to upgrade a couple things on the base 1299 model including like the storage or the RAM then you might as well just spend the money and get the upgraded model because it is simply a better value.

Some of the other big changes is the addition of the scissor switch keyboard as opposed to the butterfly and this makes it the last MacBook that needed an update and the butterfly era is officially over.

The other improvement is in the speakers. it is a stereo setup with high dynamic range and also a triple mic setup and in terms of quality, I think you can expect it to be a little bit better than the MacBook Air due to the added size but it is going to be as good as what you find on the MacBook 16 inch.

The display on the MacBook Pro is exactly the same it is a DCI P3 which is gonna be very beneficial for photo and video editing if you work with colors and the brightness is also 500 nits and in comparison, the MacBook Air has a 400 nits brightness which is not much bright

The battery life is also 10 hours rated and compared to the MacBook Air that is rated for about 11 hours. So for the most part if you have the previous generation 13-inch MacBook Pro the battery life is gonna be about the same.

So as you guys probably noticed I’ve talked a lot about the MacBook Air in comparison to the new MacBook Pro because now that they’ve both been updated to 2020, I feel like that is going to be a decision that a lot of people are going to be making and in my opinion I feel like if you’re gonna be going for the MacBook Air you have to know that you’re not going to be doing much photo editing or any video editing because it is just not made for that.

Even if you spend thirteen hundred dollars and get the i7 and upgraded RAM and everything at the end of the day the graphics are a little bit limited and despite the MacBook Pro not having dedicated graphics it is going to be more capable because of the thermals. There are two fans as opposed to one on this there’s just more space for everything to breathe.

You also have a better processor and the upgraded Ram options and in addition to that the DCIP3 color space is also going to be better for photo and video editing in terms of colors. But also a brighter screen overall.

So in my case I would buy the maxed out MacBook Air because I just need like a portable computer for doing web-based stuff, but also wanted a bit of power to work with.So in that case it did make sense but for the majority of people I would say go ahead and spend the extra money on the MacBook Pro 13 inch, but do consider the additions that you’re going to get with spending $1799 even though it is a pretty big price jump

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