How to screenshot in Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iPhone, Android | Ultimate Screenshot Guide 2021

We often take Screenshots no matter which devices or OS we are using. Screenshots have become an important part of our life. The screenshot lets us capture what is on our screen. It lets us share what we see on our screen. Even though there are legal problems arising about the usage of these screenshots, knowing to take a screenshot always comes in handy. Different OS and different device manufacturers have different methods for taking a screenshot.

How to screenshot in MacOS

Screenshot can be taken using:

1) Keyboard Shortcuts

a) Entire Screen

Shift + Command + 3

The entire screen can be captured using this shortcut. When you take a screenshot it
appears as a thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the screen. Just leaving it there
the image of the screenshot will be saved automatically to your desktop as the default.

b) Portion of the Screen

Shift + Command + 4

This comes in handy when you need only a specific portion of the screen as the
screenshot. Pressing these shortcuts will change your pointer into a crosshair which
can be used to draw rectangular areas in the screen by clicking and dragging the
mouse or trackpad. Releasing this generates a screenshot in the default savings
location. You can also cancel the selection after you have clicked and dragged by
simply pressing escape key.

c) Window

Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar

After pressing these key combinations your pointer will turn into a camera. Now move
the pointer to the window you want to capture and click on that window. A screenshot
will be saved to your desktop. If you hold control while using this shortcut the
screenshot will be copied in the clipboard instead.

2) Screenshot Toolbar

This toolbar can be used to record your screen changing your screenshot settings etc To open it, press

Shift + Command + 5

The toolbox will appear at the bottom of the screen. This can be moved to any part of the screen if you like. This toolbar can be used to take screenshots or record your screen as you wish. This toolbar will always come in handy if you wish to change any settings of the screenshot or screen recordings.

How to screenshot in Windows

We’ll be discussing different methods for taking a screenshot but all methods might not work on all versions of windows.

There are three different ways to get a screenshot:

Print Screen Key

This method has different variations which can be used according to your needs.

a) Pressing PrtScn Key

Pressing this button literally copies a screenshot of the screen to the clipboard. This can be passed on to any application like paint Microsoft Word, etc and can be saved as a format you prefer

b) Press alt + PrtScn

This simply copies the active window into Clipboard, this can also be used similar to the method explained above.

c) Press Windows Key + Shift +S

Pressing these key combinations, a modern version of the snipping toolbar will appear along with the dimming of the screen. The mouse pointer also turns into a crosshair which can be used to draw the portion we need to copy into our clipboard. (Works only in Windows 10 Creator Update)

d) Press Windows Key + PtrScn

This combination allows us to take a screenshot without any further steps. The image captured will be saved on the “Pictures” folder under the subfolder “Screenshots”.

Snipping Tool

This is a Utility tool provided by Microsoft. This can be found by simply searching in the start menu. Most of the options in this utility tool is self-explanatory. There are a few handy features available in this tool.

Game Bar

This is always a convenient way to get a screenshot or record the gameplay in between the game. This can be accessed by pressing the Windows key and G key. There are a lot of features available in this overlay, and most of the features are self-explanatory.

How to screenshot in Chromebook

Screenshot in chromebooks can be taken with simple keyboard shortcut.


a) Ctrl + Show Windows

This helps to get the screenshot of the complete screen

b) Shift + Ctrl + Show windows

These key combinations along with the clicking and dragging of the pointer helps to get a partial screenshot

c) Press Shift + Ctrl + Show windows

This opens up the screenshot toolbar which can be used to select a screenshot feature


a) Power button + Volume down

Pressing these buttons together will create a screenshot in the device

b) Press and hold the Power button and then select “Screen capture,” or, select time

This allows you to access more features while taking a screenshot in tablet mode.

How to screenshot in iPhone

To take a screenshot,

On a phone with FaceID

Simultaneously press and then release the side button and volume up button

On an iPhone with a Home button

Simultaneously press and then release the Home button and the side button or Sleep/Wake button

How to screenshot in Android

Android phone has a lot of options available for taking a screenshot depending on the manufacturer. Usually, any one of the steps described below should work.

  • Press the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time
  • Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds

If both of this doesn’t work, we suggest you to refer the manufacturer website for more details

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