How to Create a Gmail Account in 2 Minutes| Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (2021)


Today we are going to guide you on How to Create a Gmail Account, so that you can easily follow this step by step guide , and Create a Gmail Account in less than 2 minutes. All relevant questions are answered in the FAQ section at the End.

So let’s start with the basics of a Gmail Account.

What is a Gmail Account?

A Gmail account at the onset appears to be just an email account offering free email services. However, it is much more than that in the fact that it is also a Google account which grants the user access to a host of Google’s apps which include Youtube, Maps, Playstore, Drive, et cetera, across all platforms.

Why do you need a Gmail account?

You would require a Gmail account to send and receive emails, and to use most of Google’s diverse and immensely useful host of web and mobile applications. What makes Gmail extremely popular is the dependency on the servers, and the real-time email speeds which it provides apart from a decently high storage allocation and it’s all free of cost!

Things to know before creating a Gmail Account in 2020

A few important things to keep in mind before creating your Gmail account would be as follows –

  • For whom the account is being created, that is, for personal use or for business use, as this is the first thing Gmail asks you while creating an account. 
  • A Gmail account also means creating a Google account with access to all other Google’s services.
  • Even though you can unlink it later, your phone number is required to create your account.
  • Gmail is only one of the many available free email services, and if you want you can also create an account in an alternate service provider, or both.

How to create a Gmail Account?

The procedure to create a Gmail account is fairly simple, just head over to Gmail’s website, click on create account, fill in all the required details and click next. Moving on, you need to enter your mobile number for verification and enter the verification code Google sends you after which you are required to enter further details and set account recovery options. Next, read and agree to the terms and conditions and your account will be created.

The steps are as follows:

  • STEP 1: Sign-in / Create Account
  • STEP 2: Create Your Google Account
  • STEP 3: Verifying Your Phone Number – Enter Number
  • STEP 4: Verifying Your Phone Number – Verify Code
  • STEP 5: Welcome to Google
  • STEP 6: Privacy and Terms
  • STEP 7: Account Created – Welcome to Gmail

Now let’s discuss each one in detail.

STEP 1: Sign-in / Create Account

Go to and click on ‘Create account’. Now you get an option to choose for whom you want to create the account (we chose on ‘For myself’). Select that, and click next.

STEP 2: Create Your Google Account

Next a screen with fields to enter your name, username/email, and your password opens up. Fill in all the details and click on next to proceed. Note that you would only be able to enter a username that has not been previously chosen by someone else, and if this happens you can either enter a different username of choosing the alternate and available usernames that are suggested.

STEP 3: Verifying Your Phone Number – Enter Number

Now a page opens up asking you to enter your phone number for verification. This verification has been made compulsory owing to an increased focus on security. So, enter your number and click on next to move on.

STEP 4: Verifying Your Phone Number – Verify Code

After entering your number, Google sends a message with a 6-digit verification code which you have to enter on the page that opens up next and click on verify. Alternatively, you can also verify by clicking on the ‘Call instead’ option.

STEP 5: Welcome to Google

Post verification, a page opens up saying ‘Welcome to Google’ and asking you to enter details like date of birth and gender. Here, your number already appears in the optional recovery phone number field which you can delete. However, it is recommended to have at least one recovery method.

STEP 6: Privacy and Terms

With all details and recovery options filled in and verified, the final step in the creation of your Gmail account is the Privacy and Terms page where you have to go through the terms of service and privacy policies concerned with the account, and click on ‘I agree’.

STEP 7: Account Created – Welcome to Gmail 

Once you agree to the privacy and terms, your account is created and you will automatically be taken to your Gmail inbox. Here, you will be welcomed by four new emails, three from the Gmail Team, and one from the Google Community Team, welcoming you and giving out tips on how to optimize your Gmail experience. 


Apart from being extremely reliable and belonging to the Google family, Gmail also has a host of integrated support for various Google applications like Meet and offers you a premium email experience at no expense. Not just that, you can use labels and organize your emails according to category and customize the look and feel of your inbox using themes and other features.

Whether you are looking to create your first email account, or make a new one for personal needs, Gmail is as good as an option as it gets. So, follow the steps mentioned above, and your Gmail account would be ready for use in no time!

How did this work for you? Have a query? Let us know in the comments!

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Can I use multiple Gmail accounts on a device at the same time?

Yes, you can login to and use multiple Gmail accounts from the same device. To switch between accounts, head over to the account bubble on the top right corner of the Gmail web page and choose the required account.

How can I login to my account if I forget my password?

Go to the Gmail sign-in page, enter your email id and click on Forgot Password. Enter required information and follow the process to recover your account.

What is the size limit of attachments in Gmail?

Presently, you can send up to 25 MB via attachments in an email from Gmail. However, if your file exceeds that, Gmail automatically uploads it to Google Drive, and attaches a link to that in your email instead of the file.

How much space does Gmail provide for my email messages? 

By default, Google allocates 15 GB of cloud storage for free, to be used across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Usually, this is more than enough to last for a long time. However, there are plans by which you can expand this storage further by paying for it.

Can I use Gmail on iPhone?

Yes, you can access your Gmail on both iPhone and Android devices using the dedicated Gmail applications from the respective app stores.

Is it possible to Unsend an email from Gmail?

Yes, it is possible to unsend an email you have sent from Gmail. You can change the duration for which this option is available after you have sent an email from the Gmail settings.

How do I organise my mail on Gmail?

Gmail comes with a very useful feature called Labels, with which you can categorise your email efficiently. A distinct advantage of this is that Labels enable you to add multiple labels to a single mail essentially helping you organise it better.

Can I print emails on Gmail?

Yes, it is possible to print entire emails on Gmail using the print mail feature which is available when you open any mail on your inbox.

How to apply and change Themes?

To customise the look and feel of your Gmail inbox, you can add/change themes from the Themes tab on the settings menu. Not just that, you can also change mail density, and inbox types as per your preferences.

What happens when I archive a mail?

When you archive an email, the mail is simply removed from your inbox and placed in the ‘All mail’ tab. You can access this again by either going to the All mail tab or using the search option.

Can Gmail automatically reply to emails?

Yes, it is possible to set up Gmail to automatically reply to emails for a particular time frame using the ‘Out-of-Office AutoReply’ feature. When this is activated, Gmail sends a pre-written mail as a response for the specified duration notifying users that you are unable to access your email for the time being.

Can I delete my Gmail account?

Yes, it is possible to delete your Gmail account. To do this, you have to head over to the Data and Personalisation tab under the ‘Manage Google Account’ and look for ‘Delete a service or account’.

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