Exciting upgrades coming with Snapdragon 775 chipset

Qualcomm made the rather surprising move, a few years back to introduce a Snapdragon 7-series that slots in between its high-end premium Snapdragon 8-series and mid-range Snapdragon 6-series chips. That strategy proved to be a wise one when the company introduced 5G capabilities to the series, offering a more affordable option for manufacturers of mid-range phones. The popularity of the Snapdragon 765 and 765G naturally warranted a successor and one such new chip, the Snapdragon 775.

Qualcomm would eventually introduce 5G support in its lower tiers, the Snapdragon 765, especially the 765G, would be the preferred solution for phones that needed more muscle, like for gaming. The upcoming SM7350 Platform, believed to be the Snapdragon 775 and 775G based on this leak, is definitely a significant upgrade. The CPUs jump to the more efficient 5nm FinFET process and unspecified Kryo 6-series cores while adding support for LPDDR5 RAM. The chipset also supports not only mmWave 5G but even Dual 5G configurations.

The Snapdragon 775 can support up to three 28MP cameras, even working at the same time, or a combination of 64MP and 20MP sensors. It also supports 4K60 video recording. The data shown by the leak was noted to be from an earlier revision so the final product may actually be a little bit different. Even so, if the real Snapdragon 775 is anywhere close to this, it could give some-mid range phones, like the upcoming Google Pixel 6, a sharper edge in terms of performance and features.

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