Elon Musk is donating $100M to discover the best carbon capture technology

Elon Musk mentioned on Thursday via a tweet that he can gift $100 million towards a prize for the most effective carbon capture technology.
Musk, World Health Organization recently surpassed Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest person, didn’t give associate degree extent further details except to feature in an incidental tweet the “details can come back next week.” It’s unclear if this is often a contribution to a different organization that’s inventing a prize like the Xprize or if this is often another Musk-led production.
The broad definition of carbon capture and storage is because the name implies. Waste CO2 emitted at work or industrial plant is captured at the supply so hold on with associate degree aim to get rid of the potential harmful byproduct from the setting and mitigate temperature change. It’s not a replacement pursuit and various corporations have popped up over the past 20 years with varied means that of achieving a similar finish goal.
The high direct value to carbon capture and storage or sequestration (CCS) has been a primary hurdle for the technology. However, there square measure corporations that have found promise in carbon capture and utilization — a first cousin to CCS during which the collected emissions square measure then regenerate to different a lot of valuable uses.
For instance, LanzaTech has developed technology that captures waste gas emissions and uses bacterium to show it into useable plant product fuel. A bioreactor is employed to convert into liquids captured and compressed waste emissions from a (steel mill, steelworks, steel plant steel industrial plant, factory, mill, manufacturing plant, manufactory) or factory or the other emissions-producing enterprises. The core technology of LanzaTech may be a bacterium that likes to eat these dirty gas streams. because the bacterium eats the emissions it primarily ferments them and emits plant product. The plant product will then become numerous products. LanzaTech is spinning off businesses that specialize in totally different products. the corporate has created a byproduct referred to as LanzaJet and is functioning on a different doable product like changing plant product to gas, that is employed to form polythene for bottles, and sprightliness for fibers wont to create garments.
Other examples embody Climeworks and Carbon Engineering.
Climeworks, a Swiss startup, focuses on direct air capture. Direct air capture uses filters to grab CO2 from the air. The emissions square measure than either hold on or oversubscribed for different uses, together with chemical or perhaps to feature bubbles found in soda-type drinks.  Carbon Engineering may be a Canadian company that removes CO2 from the atmosphere and processes it to be used in increased oil recovery or perhaps to form new artificial fuels.

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