ByteDance (owner of Tencent) takes legal action against Tencent in China

On Tuesday, TikTok owner ByteDance sued Tencent. ByteDance claims Tencent tale-broke the United States’ antimonopoly laws with the aid of interference individuals from getting access to content from Douyin on WeChat and QQ.

Tencent’s electronic verbal exchange apps would like no advent. Between the two of them, they need to brink two billion month-to-month active users. Douyin, in the meantime, maybe a whole lot of expansive version of TikTok it is solely provided in China.

ByteDance is calling the courtroom for approximately $14 million in repayment from Tencent and to save the agency’s actions.

”We trust that competition is more healthy for customers and promotes innovation,”

a voice for ByteDance advised Bloomberg.

“We’ve filed this felony intending to guard our rights and those of our users.”

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