Apple HomePod Mini Launched at just $99 | All you need to know| Apple Hi-Speed Event Oct 13th, 2020


Today on Oct 13th, was Apple’s most awaited “Hi-Speed” iPhone launch event, where along with the iPhone 12 models, Apple launched some exciting stuff, one of which is the Apple HomePod Mini.

Apple HomePod Mini 2020


The Apple HomePod Mini, has a great compact design with a very premium fabric coating, with backlit touch controls on top.

Apple HomePod Mini
Apple HomePod Mini

Sound Quality

Apple has focussed on the sound quality of the HomePod mini and it is expected to deliver some, amazing sound experience. The HomePod Mini has 4-range dynamic drivers, which allow it to get a really good 360 degree surround experience and some serious bass response for a speaker of its size.

Coupled with the Apple S5, the HomePod Mini, brings in Computational Audio, where in it can start processing the audio, even before your music starts playing.

Also, if you have 2 or more pieces of the HomePod Mini at home you can experience audio from both of them being used as a stereo pair.

Apple’s attention to detail is crazy. Even when you are transferring, your music to your HomePod mini from your iPhone, you get haptic feedback, which gives a realistic feel.

Apple HomePod Mini Dynamic Drivers
Apple HomePod Mini Dynamic Drivers

HomePod Mini – Siri Integration

Apart from that Apple has primarily focused on Siri, as your most intelligent, assistant. You can use voice commands to do multiple tasks, like playing your favorite music or podcasts, using the intercom feature( covered below), and also for other smart-home uses.

Apple stated that there will be seamless integration across the HomePods, as well as other Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and the AirPods as well as Apple CarPlay. Your playlists will be synced across all devices, and that is one of the greatest advantages of the Apple Ecosystem.

Apple HomePod Mini, Siri
Apple HomePod Mini Features

Apple Intercom

Now, coming to the Apple Intercom feature, you can use Siri to use your HomePods as intercoms, to communicate with your family members who are having a HomePod in their rooms. This is also compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Apple Intercom
Apple Intercom

Home App

Apple has also talked about how you can use the HomePod along with Siri, and pair it with the Apple Home App on your iPhone, for controlling your Smart home devices seamlessly.

Apple Home App
Apple Home App

Pricing and Availabilty

So that’s it about the HomePod Mini, it starts at 99$ that’s around 7000 Indian Rupees. It comes in 2 colors, White and Space Grey, and will be available from November 6th for Pre-Orders, and will ship from November 16th.


Overall the Apple HomePod Mini is a great Smart Home speaker, from the initial look of it, but the sound quality and rest of the features, need testing. But that said, it’s Apple, we are talking about!

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