A few simple steps to speed up your Samsung UI 3.1


There are reasons for people to go back to Pixel 5 and not stick to Samsung’s newest phones. The little things which were annoying like the removal of an animation feature in One UI 3.1. Specifically, the “Reduce Animations” option in the Advanced Features section of Samsung’s One UI, an option that had been there for a couple of releases and only now has been removed. It was a good feature because it was made in a way as if Samsung realized how overboard the animation scaling was in their software and made it super easy to dial things back.

However, many suggest that there are alternative options to this, including a “Remove animations” toggle in Accessibility, as well as window scale adjustments that can be made in developer options. Apart from knowing all these the reason for the complaint was that Samsung took away a simple solution while going nuts with transitions in One UI 3.1, particularly in the notification shade, where it feels like it takes a full 5 seconds for a swipe down to finish and show pending notifications.

Now if you want to be able to drop those transition and animation times down, you need to know about certain changes in animation scaling. Seriously after this, your Samsung Galaxy phone will feel instantly faster in almost anything you do once you tweak this setting.

A simple trick to speed up your Galaxy S21, S20, Note 20

  1. Head into Settings>About phone>Software information
  2. Find Build Number and tap on it several times until it says “Developer mode has been turned on” at the bottom of the screen. You should see a countdown as this happens.
  3. Now, back up two screens into Settings and you should see “Developer options” as a new choice below “About phone.”
  4. Tap into Developer Options and scroll down until you find options labeled: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
  5. They should all be at an animation scale of 1x, so you’ll want to reduce by tapping on each and choosing a new scale. For me, I switch all three to .5x.
  6. You could switch to “Animation off,” but I always feel like your eyes need some animation or it can be a bit shocking to navigate a device. If there are no animations at all, things happen almost too quickly.
  7. And it’s done.

Speed up Galaxy S21

After completion of this short set of instructions it really will make your phone feel faster as you open a folder, leave an app, and yes, swipe down the notification area. The most important setting here is the “Animator duration scale,” where if you set that up to 2x or higher, you’ll notice just how slow things happen. So again, drop that to .5x or lower and everything will pop open and close without the wait.

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