Pixel 6 from Google arouses a lot of questions

It’s the beginning of 2021 and we as consumers have so many questions about the future Google Pixel line. It is obviously expected from Google that they are making new Pixel phones but their level of commitment after a year is put into question by a lot of Pixel fans. The answer to this question might be given by Google by launching another Pixel 5-level phone or they might launch another strong competitor for all best phones out there in the market. All the evidence gathered suggests that there might a Pixel 6 coming up with the codename “Oriole” and it will have a centered selfie camera. Oh wait, you might get to see Pixel 6 XL along with Pixel 6 (“raven”). But nothing can be strongly said right now.

A leak showing details for a Snapdragon 775 chip from Qualcomm brought out the question of whether that will be the new chip Google will choose as they did for Pixel 5 and its upper mid-range Snapdragon 765. Whatever processor that Google chooses will help to determine the cost of the phone. That’s an important area Google needs to think about whether to push its customers away from specs more than ever and onto buying an experience.

Honestly, Google’s Pixel 5 is the ultimate example of an experience phone. But that doesn’t make it close to being the best at anything. Its performance wasn’t that great with no best display for games, although its camera was very good. Battery life was also not bad. The main focus is on its software, the anticipation of a constant flow of new features and that made the phone is truly smart. Now let’s see what exactly Google does with Pixel 6 to impress its fans.

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